The teen who escaped death - twice

At 19 years old, Reece Rodger has escaped death twice.

In November 2016, he fell asleep at the wheel while overtired and driving home from his boss's house.

On average, young drivers between 15-24 are involved in 578 serious injury crashes a year.

Reece was one of these. He hit a power pole, it caught fire, and he was pulled from the wreckage by two passing teenagers.

The crash stretched and bruised his spinal cord, leaving him paralysed from "the nipples down".

It wasn't his first close shave. A year earlier, he had been stabbed in the head at a party by another man.

The knife was a centimetre away from a main nerve and left the left side of his face paralysed. He has only just regained the ability to close his left eye.

Reece is currently in the Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Centre, but has only three weeks of treatment left before he has to leave and build a new life from scratch as a paraplegic.

Watch his story.