Waikato cows try grass of a different kind

Cows eat marijuana (Waikato District Police)
4/20 graze it (Waikato District Police)

It's not often the police invite the public to partake in a little fun with marijuana.

But that's exactly what happened at the weekend, when the Waikato District Police posted a photo of a couple of cows getting stuck in to some 'grass'.

"While many of you think it's god's greatest gift to us, it is still illegal which means we still police it," the cops wrote.

"Rather than hitting you with stats and 'don't do drugs' comments, we thought we'd take a lighter approach and run a competition. Caption the photo below."

Popular suggestions included:

  • The steaks have never been higher (Margaret Connolly)
  • 420 graze it (Dakota Davidson)
  • So this is why there's a green top milk (Te Ahuora Mac)
  • Fonterra explain their high milk prices (Rozanne de Wild)
  • Utterly wasted milk (John Oka)
  • Just weeding out the crimoonals (Kellie Perry)
  • No wonder the cow jumped over the moon (Haumaitawhiti Wikiriwhi)
  • Cannibeef (JP Taute)
  • Bad cows, bad cows, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for moo (Sally French)

While you might expect the pot to call the cattle back for more, this beef was kept grounded.

"We know cannabis can be toxic to animals and it was taken off the cows well before they could enjoy their high tea," the police wrote.

Newshub has contacted the police to find out which half-baked pun they weeded out for the promised prize - a cash cow, perhaps?