Woman details alleged rape by cricketer Scott Kuggeleijn

A woman who has accused cricketer Scott Kuggeleijn of rape says he pinned her arms down when he forced himself on her.

The 22-year-old student claims she had taken Kuggeleijn back to her flat in Hamilton East after a night on the town in May 2015 but never gave him consent to have sex with her.

During their time in bed together they engaged in kissing and caressing but she told Hamilton District Court on Monday that was as far as she wanted the intimacy to go.

"I was really intoxicated so initially I was OK with what was going on but then I just wanted to go to sleep and he would just keep saying to me: 'Why not, why not?'."

They both fell asleep but when they woke up later that morning she alleges Kuggeleijn became more aggressive with her.

"I told him no, but he continued to get a lot more firm and insistent about it and at one point telling me to shush," she said.

The alleged victim accused the defendant of pinning her arms above her head and then forcing himself on her.

"I went straight up to my flatmate's bedroom and by this stage I was really upset. I was crying, hyperventilating and having a panic attack.

"I remember collapsing on the floor and my flatmate said: 'What's wrong, what's wrong?' And I told her 'I think I've just been raped'."

She admitted drinking heavily earlier in the evening, consuming six RTDs, three-quarters of a bottle of wine and three to four shots of vodka and tequila.

They got into a taxi together and when asked if she had kissed the defendant passionately during the journey, the woman said she had no memory of it.

The trial before a jury of six men and six women is expected to conclude on Friday.

Kuggeleijn, 25, plays first-class cricket for Northern Districts and is the son of former Test cricketer Chris Kuggeleijn.