Young Labour crafts an Andrew Little Valentine's meme

  • 14/02/2017

Young Labour has posted a Valentine's Day message featuring Andrew Little on its Facebook page.

The meme reads:

"Roses are red

Violets are blue

I can't wait to win the election with you"

It invites people to fill in the card, and features the Young Labour brand accompanied by a heart in the corner.

The post also asks people to sign up to volunteer for Young Labour, or "tag a comrade you'll be campaigning with this year".

Reception to the post has been mixed, with one commenter posting a gold star that reads 'you tried', underneath the meme.

Yet there are also Valentine's memes in circulation that feature National party members too, though most are not from an official source.

Facebook page 'Neat and Chill National memes' has posted a series of cards featuring Prime Minister Bill English, former Prime Minister John Key and Revenue and Ethnic Communities Minister Judith 'Crusher' Collins.

Ms Collins' card reads: 'Please don't go crushing my heart", Mr Key's says: "I'd pull your pony tail anyday" and the Prime Minister's: "You really inflate my surplus".

NZ Young Nats,the National Party's youth wing, have posted a Valentine's Day poem featuring Mr English and his wife Mary English.

The message on their Facebook page reads:

"Roses are red

National is blue

Here's to a brighter future with you"                                                                                 

There's been no word yet from the Green party affiliated 'Freshly Picked Green Memes'.

Mr Little received flowers at Parliament from his wife, posting to Facebook saying "after all these years, she still sends me flowers".

Meanwhile, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has decried the "commercial" day, telling the AM Show on Tuesday it was "preying on poor New Zealand citizens like myself".