Auckland motorway: Truck crashes into car, does a runner

A truck powerfully rear-ended a vehicle on the Auckland motorway on Saturday before taking off. But unlucky for the getaway driver, the whole thing was caught on camera.

A dash cam in a following vehicle along the Southern Motorway captured the moment the incident unfolded. The offending truck can be seen swerving into the next lane and taking off.

John Tiongco shared the video on Facebook and says his son was driving. He says he checked on the two people in the dented car and recorded the truck's number plate. 

Mr Tiongco says he forwarded the video onto the affected driver so he could send it to police.

He noted the timestamp on the video, which reads 2015, was incorrect, as the dashcam had reset itself.

Police told Newshub they received two calls about the incident on late Sunday afternoon, but by the time they arrived, all affected parties had left.

But, taking off without stopping to check on the other passengers is against the road code.

The Transport Agency Road Code states that if you're involved in a crash, you have to check on everyone's wellbeing. If someone is hurt, police have to be told within a day. If everyone is okay, you have to give your personal details and vehicle registration, as well as the name of the vehicle owner if it isn't you, within two days at the very latest.

Police have to be told if you cannot make contact with the others involved in the incident.