Auckland traffic more congested than Hong Kong

  • 15/03/2017

Traffic congestion in Auckland is worse than in Hong Kong, according to new data.

GPS company TomTom's latest global traffic index has ranked Auckland the 40th-worst big city in the world when it comes to congestion, and four places above Hong Kong, which has a population of more than 7 million.

It found Auckland commuters on average spent 45 minutes a day - or more than a week a year - stuck in traffic last year.

  • Auckland drivers are spending 38 percent extra time travelling due to congestion
  • That's a third higher than results in 2015

And while Aucklanders are still better off than drivers in Sydney, which ranked 29th among cities with populations of more than 800,000, New Zealand now overall fared worse than Australia.

  • Wellington drivers are now spending more than 34 percent extra time travelling
  • It's the 19th worst in the world for a city of its size
  • That's an increase of 4 percent from 2015 - an extra 43 minutes a day travel time
  • The capital's morning commute was the third worst in the world in 2016

Congestion in Christchurch, Dunedin, and Hamilton all also rose from 2015, according to the survey.

  • Christchurch drivers can expect an extra 29 minutes travel time each day, or 112 hours per year. It's the equivalent of spending 2.8 working weeks in traffic
  • Hamilton drivers are spending an extra 103 hours per year stuck in traffic, equating to 12 working days per year
  • Dunedin has seen the largest traffic congestion increase in the country with congestion levels at 28 percent. Dunedin drivers are spending the equivalent of 10 working days in traffic each year.