Auckland water restrictions will last until April

Tap water
Watercare says a boil issue for unsafe drinking water would be the worst case scenario (file)

The storm might have passed in Auckland, but residents won't be celebrating just yet following a continued plea to cut back on water consumption. 

The water clarity in Ardmore, the city's largest treatment plant, is still "100 times worse than it should be," forcing Watercare to ask residents cut back by 20 litres a day, until the end of March. 

The total consumption across the city on Sunday was 382 million litres - well below the target of 400 million litres.

A conservative approach was suggested following the 'Tasman tempest' downpour, as the influx of water meant the treatment plants struggled to keep on top of purifying the water to an acceptable drinking standard. 

The conservative approach will prevent the worst case scenario, which would be issuing a boil water notice if unsafe drinking water finds its way into taps; but as long as Aucklanders keep cutting back, this won't be the case. 

The downpour created havoc in homes in more ways than just the taps; AA Insurance (AAI) says the influx of water caused a flood of insurance claims too. 

AAI is expecting more claims in the coming days and the most common they've received to date were were flooded homes and cars, and damaged content as a result. 

Customer relations manager Amelia Macandrew says people will be focusing on the clean up today so it's hard to say what the full extent of the damage was but they're awaiting calls from anyone who needs urgent repairs or assistance. 

Ms Macandrew advises keeping damaged items or taking photos to prove ownership and the need for replacement, and make sure your loved ones are safe and dry regardless.