Big wet dampens Hokitika's Wildfoods Festival numbers

Wet weather has put pressure on the organisers of Hokitika's Wildfoods Festival.

Last year the festival made its first profit in six years. The event organisers were hoping to keep numbers up to maintain the event's viability, but this year it's touch-and-go if it will do the same.

The festival celebrates all kinds of crunchy and repulsive West Coast grub - some of it literally.

There are insects, fish eyes and deer semen.

Some tastes just a bit too wild for the brave few who try - but it's all part of the attraction.

However, the event dampened as West Coast wet weather swept in.

"It went through a tough few years and I think we've come out of that, but again a tough year and low numbers if we get them today could create another issue," says event manager Ashley Cassin.

The festival is the region's biggest event and its survival is crucial for the small community that so heavily relies on it.

"It's totally crucial and very important because over 60 organisations earn their complete annual fundraising from this every year," says Hokitika Mayor Bruce Smith.

While it's short on crowd numbers, it's certainly big on the brave.