Brothers boogie board through flooded Coromandel farm paddock

Three farming brothers managed to find some fun in the floods across the Coromandel, boogie boarding on surface water off the back of a quad bike.

Pulled along by their brother, Sam, twins Harry and Noah Clarke were filmed holding onto a rope while on their knees as they sailed across the brown water.

Sam, the dairy farm's manager, said the Hikuai property on State Highway 25 got flooded up to three times a year.

It caused a bit of worry earlier in the week with a number of his cows across the road, which needed an early-morning evacuation.

"I had my cows across the road where it floods, so I had to get up at 2am and do a quick evacuation and get them out of the paddock before they couldn't get back to the cow shed," he told Newshub.

The water on the paddock that's seen in the video was nowhere near what it was at its peak, he said.

"That was nothing compared to what it was; it was another whole person height - two metres above that at least," he said.

He was thankful the property had been spared another drenching on Saturday, with rain passing by the farm.

Work to clean up the big mess won't be done until at least Monday, just in case there's more rain to come on Sunday.

In the meantime, Sam said it was important to "make the best of a bad situation".

"You've got to have a bit of fun, because otherwise you'll get a bit depressed in the rain like that."