Bunnies abandoned in plastic bag free at last

The Auckland SPCA has shared the heartwarming story of Bob and Todd, the two rabbits saved after being dumped in a plastic bag and left to die.

"The pair have been through an awful lot in their young lives. When they arrived at the SPCA, they had been subjected to a pretty horrid ordeal after being found in filthy and dank living conditions - a plastic bag to be precise, which they had been dumped in.

"As a result, the poor guys were starving, weak and yellowed," the SPCA says on their Facebook page.

"Luckily, they were found in time before it was too late. After lots of intensive care from our medical team and time out with a caring foster family, they beat the odds and grew stronger and healthier every day."

Afterwards, the bunnies  were shy and would hide from people.

"After their ordeal, they were understandably wary of humans," the SPCA says.

No one would adopt the rabbits, and they languished in the SPCA's animal village.

Then, one kind mum took pity on the pair, and took them in.

"Fast forward a few months, and their new mum has just sent us something we are extremely happy to see. Here they are with free range of their own garden during the day, hopping around, nibbling on the grass at free will loving life," the SPCA says.

"She tells us they are getting on great, and although they still aren't the biggest fans of being cuddled too much they are coming on leaps and bounds."

A happy ending for these adorable bunny brothers, who are free at last.