Cop's 'hashboard' ornament lights up Facebook

Weed in a cop car
Left my car outside the Maccas - nek minnit (Jayme Pakoti/Facebook)

A police car in Napier has been photographed rocking a somewhat unlikely dashboard ornament.

Or should that be a 'hashboard'?

The photo was posted on Facebook by Jayme Pakoti on the Napier News page.

"Parked up next to this police car at Maccas this morning.... Notice anything strange????"

Weed in a cop car
Perhaps it's a plant (Jayme Pakoti/Facebook)

Cannabis laws around the world

The unoccupied police vehicle appears to have a marijuana plant sitting in plain sight on the dashboard.

But, perhaps viewing the photo on their phones, not everyone could see it.

"Not great parking," commented one person, referring to the car's crooked parking outside the burger joint.

"OK, so the police have women drivers too," said another.

But the more observant members of the page zoomed in on the cannabis right away.

"It's probably there parked there [because] someone has the munchies," said Chanelle Dennison.

"Crop the number plate g hahaha don't want him getting snapped for being a [good c**t]," said Billie-Jo Blogg.

"Obviously he smoked the plant got the munchies and was to stonned to even park straight [sic]," wrote Kiri Ratahi-Henry.

"Gone to maccas with the money they seized from this bust lmao," said Jo-Jo Sole.

Newshub has contacted the police for a response. Ms Pakoti could not be reached for comment.