Daredevils take on Auckland river in 'gnarly' adventure

Warning: This video contains language which may offend some people.

A group who took advantage of severe weather to board and biscuit down an Auckland river say they're now addicted to it.

Calling it "Riverhead's finest natural washing machine", the 15-strong group headed to Rangitopuni Stream in Riverhead armed with a GoPro to film their stormy adventure on Saturday.

"It started off raining, torrential, and all of us boys had done this before but it hadn't been this gnarly, the water hadn't been this big," one of the participants, Tyran McRae, told Newshub.

"We thought let's get out there and do it and film it... We thought we might capture it and show everyone how fricking awesome it is, but also how dangerous it is."

With the water seen roaring and frothing intensely in the video, the danger is clear.

It's prompted a bit of backlash by people concerned they weren't all wearing lifejackets.

Mr McRae said there were lifejackets there and he was among those who wore one while in the water.

"It wasn't up to me to tell my mates to be chucking on lifejackets. There's not much backlash to be honest."

After taking on the raging river once, Mr McRae would be hard-pressed to stay away in the next storm.

"I'm addicted. We are addicted," he said.

The 15 who took to the water are part of a local group running their own clothing brand and band, and the video was posted on their Facebook page Chums on Monday.

Deniro Masters raps in the song they used on the video, which was created as part of the crew.

The footage itself was filmed on a GoPro by Micaela Challis, Mr McRae's girlfriend.


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