Disabled man upset by 'inhumane' note left on car

Disabled man upset by 'inhumane' note left on car
(Jarard Pearce/ Facebook)

A wheelchair-bound man has been left fuming over a note placed on his windscreen while parked at a Burger King disabled carpark in Auckland.

Jarard Pearce returned to his car after going to the bank and a bar and grill at Parkway Drive off Constellation Drive, and found a note on his windscreen:

"Dear Sir/ Madam

"Let me please warn you that you are not allowed to park your car here unless you are staying inside our restaurant while you using our carpark.

"I have not called towing company today however we do not really want you to blame anyone after car towed because of your fault.

"I really appreciate it and hope this would not be happened."

"And can you please not park your car in disabled," was written underneath in pen.

Newshub spoke to a Burger King managing supervisor, who said he'd written the note. He says he tried to find the car's owner but couldn't and that's why he left the note. He says he's had problems with people taking over the disabled car park before, blocking Burger King customers from using it.

He says the park is a private carpark for Burger King customers, which Auckland Council has confirmed.

The note left on Mr Pearce's windscreen (Facebook)
The note left on Mr Pearce's windscreen (Facebook)

Mr Pearce told Newshub he was offended by the note and says he only parked there as he couldn't find another park.

He said there were regular parks available, but they were too narrow for him to be able to get his wheelchair out of the door.

While his car was parked, he went to the bank and to the Dark House Bar and Grill, spending about 40 minutes away from his car.

"Telling a disabled person not to park in a disabled park feels a little inhumane," he said, adding that Burger King had lost a regular customer after the incident.

He said the note came across as rude and "upset me when I have enough to deal with everyday".

He had a mobility parking permit displayed in the window.