Drivers go into battle with Hunua flooding


Some foolhardy commuters went up against the wild weather on Wednesday morning and not all came out on top. 

Maxine Clayton posted a video of a rescue operation underway, as a car was pulled out of the Wairoa River near Hunua. 

Resident Neil Munro had to be helped out of the tight spot with a tractor, which pulled the car to safety. 

Neil Dunmore was one of those who helped with the rescue operation, walking a rope down to the man to allow him out. 

"The guy was a bit shocked; you drive into a puddle and suddenly you're in the middle of a flood." 

It was also an eventful morning for Mr Dunmore's daughter's rabbit, who was also washed away by the water. 

"Luckily the hutch flipped and the door opened", Mr Dunmore said. 

Peaches the bunny was found wet, cold and unhappy but, most importantly, alive and not too far away. 

Other residents filmed more commuters battling the elements, with one car pausing on the edge of a deeply flooded road, before  boldly perservering through. The driver seems to make it to the other side, much to the surprise and delight of the camera operator.  

Watch the video to see more.