Dump the bad behaviour, tourist video urges

A South Island tourist operator has taken a light-hearted approach to stamping out bad behaviour by freedom campers.

Lake Wanaka Tourism has created an amusing 60-second video aimed at visitors staying in the Wanaka area. 'Responsible Camping' aims to educate tourists on what is and what is not acceptable, including not lighting fires while standing in front of a fire ban sign.


"We want to continue to encourage visitors to come and enjoy our magnificent natural playground while playing their part in contributing to our region's well-being," says Lake Wanaka Tourism general manager James Helmore.

"These videos are our way of ensuring we're engaging with our audiences to deliver practical information such as basic rules and regulations, but adding some personality."

The next clip is expected in May.

The Dunedin dumper

Last week a freedom camper in Dunedin was caught on CCTV taking a poo in public.

The French tourist was caught doing her business at 8:30am last Sunday on Vogel St, her actions condemned by the Dunedin City Council and the French embassy.

She was left off with a warning, but quickly became public enemy number one after more sightings were reported during the week as she travelled up the country.