Former Bachelor star Naz places second in bodybuilding competition

  • 13/03/2017

A bout of déjà vu for the former Bachelor contestant - Nazanin 'Naz' Khanjani once again missed the respective final rose when she placed second in a bodybuilding competition. 

Naz competed in the bikini novice category on Saturday, at the NZ International Pro/AM Championships, displaying months of hard work getting into prime shape.  

In her bedazzled bikini at the weekend, Naz displayed a chiselled body and says she was stoked with how her work paid off.

She says the winner, Hannah Caitlin, was deserving of the top spot.

"She was in great great condition and I told her backstage, I said, 'Well done, you definitely deserved it,' so I was happy," says Naz.

"It was only my first competition, and it was a really tough line-up. I recognised girls there who'd been training for a few years."

Naz and winner, Hannah Caitlin (supplied)
Naz and winner, Hannah Caitlin (supplied)

But, Naz says unlike The Bachelor, there was nothing but friendless between competitors. 

"We had this one separate room for all the bikini girls and we just all got along, helping each other with hair and makeup, and food, and giving each other tips and stuff. It was just a really good vibe."

And the celebrations were as sweet as the treats she'd been eyeing up - a bounty of KitKats and chocolate cake.

"I want to say a huge thank you to my main sponsors Snap Fitness Queenstown and my coach Kurt Monkley," she says.

Naz is yet to announce when she'll be competing again, but after earning silver in her first ever comp it's a safe bet she'll have her eye on gold in the future.