French freedom camper poos on Dunedin street

Video has emerged of a woman crouching down outside a Dunedin business and doing her own business, before pushing the deposit into the gutter.

It all took place all in front of APET Racing, a workshop that has two security cameras, one of which caught the woman going to the toilet.

After the woman finishes up, she's seen getting back into a white Mazda van.

Newshub approached a couple inside the van this afternoon, playing them the offending defecation footage.

Frenchman Florent Aouidad and his partner denied any knowledge of the incident.

"No I don't think so," he says.

Mr Aouidad goes on to explain that they are travelling around the country but stayed in the Dunedin street overnight because their van was broken.

APET Racing owner Nik Black says he is disgusted by the incident.

"[I was] just walking outside and happened to notice there was something in the gutter that didn't look like it was left there by a dog," he says.

"So I thought I would check the cameras and see what happened.

"I don't expect to see this in town, not in an area like this. There's a lot of traffic, a lot of businesses around here. 

"Like I say there's a petrol station just across the road. They're more than welcome to use that, it's 24 hours a day."

Dunedin City Council say freedom camping in non-self-contained vehicles is prohibited in the city area, and offenders could be fined $200.

Despite using her own toilet paper, this may turn out to be an expensive toilet stop.