Generations at war: Millennials vs Boomers

  • 18/03/2017

Are Millennials being shut out of home ownership? Or do they just need to lay off the smashed avocado and work harder?

At the beginning of March, the Government announced superannuation eligibility to be raised from 65 to 67 in 2040.

A week earlier, New Plymouth Mayor Neil Holdom made headlines for calling Baby Boomers "the most selfish generation we've ever known".

An underlying view is that Millennials, who are in many cases struggling to pay off enormous student loans, are incredibly envious and angry with the Boomers, whose property and real estate investments have doubled, tripled and in some cases quadrupled or more during the housing boom.

Baby boomers Stephen Franks, a former ACT MP, and Ella Henry, AUT academic, took on Millennials Morgan Godfery and Jessica Palairet in a debate on The Nation.

Watch the video for the full debate.