Generous donors rally for vet dying in debt

Generous donors rally for vet Ian Hughes  dying in debt
Ian Hughes saved animals when their owners couldn't pay (Givealittle)

Generous donors have raised over $20,000 for a terminally-ill vet who's dying in debt after saving animals when their owners couldn't pay.

Ian Hughes has worked at the Stokes Valley Vet for the last 34 years. However in 2016 he was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer, and now needs money for his own care.

A Givealittle page has been set up by his step-daughter, Victoria Roebuck, who is appealing for help for Mr Hughes.

"He has performed countless surgeries and treatments at a cost to himself, offering credit to many so he can save these animals. Sadly many of the people he has helped have not paid their bills which has left them in difficulty," she says on the page.

"Five months ago Ian was diagnosed with terminal cancer and has not been able to work in his beloved clinic and with no income and a mass of outstanding debt, things are difficult for Ian and his wife Lorna."

And people have rallied to his cause, raising $23,000 so far.

"I have never met you but I am so grateful for what you have done for our vulnerable friends. May you be experiencing the love and support your clients did," Janet wrote on the Givealittle page.

"What a hero of the community you have been. The world is a better place for you having lived in it. All the best for you and your family," another donor wrote.