Blow me down: Hot air balloon lands abruptly in Hamilton street

Hamilton East residents woke to a bit of a surprise this morning, when an off-course hot air balloon landed in the middle of their street. 

The balloon grounded in Plunket Terrace, near the Waikato River in what appears to have been an unplanned destination.

Resident Hayley Williams filmed the spectacle, which happened around 8:30am and says it's definitely not something you see every day. 

"Initially we were a little concerned something had gone wrong, but it was all perfectly safe. There was a ground crew waiting for them, they'd clearly been stalking them around and were ready for it," she told Newshub. 

Ms Williams says her and other spectators helped re-direct traffic to make sure nobody was in harm's way, and says neighbourhood kids loved the surprise on their way to school. 

The balloon is part of the Balloons Over Waikato festival, which ends on Sunday.