Indian rapist Tajinder Paul Singh allowed to stay in NZ

Indian rapist Tajinder Paul Singh allowed to stay in NZ
Tajinder Paul Singh won his appeal against deportation (iStock)

An Indian rapist has won an appeal against being deported to India.

Tajinder Paul Singh was sentenced to six years in jail in 2014 for a drunken rape at a neighbour's party.

Singh also has convictions for drink-driving, passport fraud, dangerous driving and failing to stop after an accident.

The Counsel for the Minister of Immigration argued Singh should be deported after his release.

"He committed a serious sexual offence against a vulnerable victim, with lasting emotional repercussions. Also, his other offending demonstrates that he has been prepared to repeatedly contravene New Zealand's laws," the Immigration and Protection Tribunal's notes of the Counsel's argument read.

However, the Tribunal was told that Singh's parents in India had disowned him, and his wife was sick and suffering from anxiety and depression.

Their child also suffered from eczema, and the Indian climate would aggravate this. As a result, both Singh's partner and their son would struggle if relocated to India.

The Tribunal ruled Singh should be allowed to stay in New Zealand, and suspended his deportation liability for five years.

"In all the circumstances, the tribunal finds that, to the extent the appellant continues to present a risk, this is outweighed by the public interest in keeping the appellant's family together in New Zealand," the Tribunal's ruling said.

"The tribunal is satisfied that it would not, in all the circumstances, be contrary to the public interest to allow the appellant to remain in New Zealand."

If Singh doesn't commit another imprisonable offence for five years he won't be deported during that period.