Kaikohe demolition: Kids caught on camera attacking petrol station

A grandmother in Kaikohe has reported one of her own grandkids after she saw him in CCTV footage of a group of youths breaking into a petrol station.

On Facebook, the grandma, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she's had enough.

"I have no problems in coming forward and naming any one of my mokos who is doing wrong. I get that people are getting really angry and upset about what these young boys are doing and have had enough. So have we.

"Don't think we as grandparents don't give a hoot. We've tried helping him and it was thrown back in our faces. What do you do when your grandson doesn't want help, doesn't appreciate what's given to him?

"Don't worry, I've wanted to kick his backside on many occasions but they pull that card, 'I'll ring the cops'. It's just all so frustrating."

On Friday night, at least nine youths were caught on camera trying to smash through the glass door of a Mobil petrol station in Kaikohe.

The manager of the station says his store has been hit five times in the last 18 months but estimates the damage from this incident with cost around $1000 to repair.

In another incident on the same night another group of youths walked into a local liquor store before taking off with a number of boxes of alcohol.

Two police officers were able to track the group of offenders to an address but we not able to do anything because of the overwhelming number of people at the party they were attending.

The weekend's rampage has led to calls for more police officers in the area to combat the youth rampages.

Community patrol co-ordinator Tony Taylor says the town is over this kind of behavior because authorities can't do anything with the offenders.

"These kids just run riot," he says.

But Far North District Mayor John Carter says the region's high crime rate can be blamed on deeply embedded social issues, not a lack of policing.

"We've bred a subculture of people who don't live in our society anymore… What we saw over the weekend was a glimpse of the future," he told The AM Show.