Man captures moment shark circles Auckland fishing boat

An Auckland fisherman attracted a bigger catch than expected on the weekend, after a shark attacked his boat. 

In a video posted to Facebook, fisherman Sean McCormack can be heard saying he was "f**king freaking out" as a great white shark appeared alongside him in the water off the Hibiscus Coast. 

The shark can be seen popping its head out of the water and hitting the side of the boat. 

The fisherman said while filming he thought the predator might be after the burley sack, which had been hanging off the side of the boat. The mesh bag is filled with bait and innards, used to attract fish.

"Jesus it's massive," the fisherman says. 

"It just stuck its head right out of the water.

"It's about as long as my boat, about 10 to 12 feet long." 

The shark soon disappears as the sack is pulled out of the water. 

The video has attracted more than 25,000 views on Facebook. 


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