'Mongrel Mob' pounamu sparks social media outrage


A pounamu with an engraved Mongrel Mob logo has caused outrage on social media.

The item was posted on the Kiwi Az Bro Facebook page with the uploader asking what people's thoughts were on the piece.


One person said, "This is just straight disrespectful. Especially because it's something that is tapu to our culture and this in a way is automatically associating the Maori culture with gangs which it is not."

Some even compared it to New Zealand film, Once Were Warriors.

"I think it's hideous and makes a beautiful taonga [a treasure to Māori culture] look ugly."

Another person asked, "What has Maori culture dropped to?

"Such a respectable beginning, beautiful myths, really interesting culture, awesome dancing and singing. And now this?"

The post has had more than 500 comments and been shared more than 170 times.