New Zealand's richest man shells out $24 million for new house


Just days after being named New Zealand's richest man and the world's 133rd richest person, Graeme Hart has shown his wealth, buying a new house near Queenstown.

According to the Mountain Scene, Mr Hart forked out a cool $24 million for his new exclusive house at Closeburn Station near Queenstown.

The six bedroom house is believed to cover 764 square metres and even comes with a spa.

The purchase comes after 61-year-old investor made the Forbes rich list after his net worth reached more than NZD$13.5 billion.

Mr Hart will be able to pay the house off fairly quickly if he is able to sell his yacht named Ulysses.

The Norwegian based boat is currently up for sale and has an estimated worth of more than  NZD$260 million. 

New Zealand's second richest man is Richard Chandler, an investor based in Singapore with a net worth of more than $2.7 billion.