Not a happy meal: McDonald's Ashburton fight caught on camera

Want a knuckle sandwich with that?

Video has emerged of an out-of-control brawl breaking out at McDonald's in Ashburton.

A boy can be seen pushing a tray of drinks over the counter while abusing staff. As one boy tries to leave the store he is picked up by someone else before a tirade of swearing and punches follows.

The video posted on Thursday has already amassed more than 21,000 views and hundreds of comments.

Police say they have already identified the culprits. 

"The group involved in the incident are known to police and have been responsible for a range of anti-social behaviour in the community over the last 12 months," police said.

"The group involved are all aged 14 to 16.

"Following the incident yesterday three youths were arrested and charged with offences related to disorderly behaviour and assault." 

Police say one other youth has been referred to Youth Aid and inquiries into the matter are continuing.  

Watch the video.