NZTA not thinking in Auckland's interests - campaigners

  • 25/03/2017

A delay in the opening of Auckland's long-awaited Waterview Connection is being held up as a reminder how badly the city needs better public transport.

It was supposed to open in a few weeks, but problems with the deluge, ventilation and sprinkler systems mean motorists will have to wait until at least June.

Generation Zero Auckland director Leroy Backett hopes the situation will show the need to greater public transport options.

"This is the last stage of our planned motorway network, as it was designed. It should be the last motorway we build," he told Newshub.

The $1.4 billion Waterview Connection has been in construction for the past five years.

"I don't think it's going to have much effect in easing congestion," says Mr Beckett. "What we need to do is build public transport options."

NZTA did announce a new public transport initiative on Friday - a $1 billion light rail to the airport - but it came with a huge catch: it's another three decades away.

Generation Zero says NZTA is still far too focused on roads.

"When we see their commitment to the motorway network now in Auckland, it shows that they're really not thinking in the best interests of Auckland right now," says Mr Beckett.