Opinion: Cracking down on crowd will ruin sport

Removing people from the crowd at the cricket in Dunedin for sculling a beer is nothing short of ridiculous.

Time and time again at sporting events, the powers that be find a way to ruin a good thing.

The last few days have seen authorities once again bring the rain down on spectators' fun, kicking cricket fans out of the University Oval for sculling back a beer or two.

It's evictions like these that are going to see events around the country dwindle in crowd numbers, when they're already struggling to bring in numbers.

Removing people because they are having fun and acting like a clown is anti-social from venue officials.

Who ever this person dressed as a dinosaur is - you are a legend (Getty)
Who ever this person dressed as a dinosaur is - you are a legend (Getty)

However, if those in the crowd become abusive in anyway, racially or verbally then get them out and give them a two-year ban instantly, there is no place for that carry-on.

The highlight of crowd participation in this match for me was on Thursday when a group of lads dressed in their whites threw out a few chants that were absolute classics.

"Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Trenty Trenty Boult, Trenty Boult, Trenty Trenty Boult" is one of my favourites.

Another one is the "give us a wave" which is met with reciprocating waves from the players about nine times out of 10.

In the past, others have also been obliging, Pakistan pace man Mohammad Amir bowled a ball to a group of us playing our own game of cricket on the grass in a break of play in 2009. Amazing!

I think interaction with players is fantastic! And should be encouraged though keeping in mind these guys are doing their job, and if they aren't keen, don't hassle them.

No doubt a lot of these events came down to a bit of Dutch courage.

I have worked as a security guard at sporting events myself and have dealt with my fair share of idiots.

Quick, get it down ya, son! (Getty)

However, I have also been made to remove people from events for reasons I found stupid like starting chants, Mexican waves and 'sculling' beers in front of the crowd.

This is an on-going issue but it keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

The authorities need to lighten up a bit before it drives away crowds from live sporting events.

Caley is a digital producer for Newshub.