Outrage as Auckland bus driver pulls over, wees on wall

auckland transport bus driver public urination facebook
The bus was parked close to the bus depot (Bryce Glover / Facebook)

A south Auckland business manager is outraged an Auckland Transport bus driver has urinated on the side of their building twice in as many weeks - the latest on Monday morning in full view of the public.

A photo of the mess left behind by the driver on a painted mural wall was taken and posted on Facebook by Bryce Glover, the manager of Allied Glass on Pearce St, Onehunga.

auckland transport bus driver public urination
(Bryce Glover / Facebook)

He told Newshub he was shocked by what happened - and the driver's behaviour - after the bus pulled over onto the kerb and was left idling on yellow lines.

Auckland Transport says the behaviour is "totally unacceptable" and are in the process of trying to track down the driver.

Mr Bryce says a female pedestrian came across the bus driver mid-urination from the back door around 8am and was forced to walk around the bus to get past.

There were no passengers on the bus at the time.

He says the first incident happened two weeks ago in the same spot, with the same driver ("a rather large Kiwi man").

"This morning when I pulled up and I saw the bus in the same position I knew exactly what he was up to, so I quickly got out my phone and took a photo."

Mr Glover ran to get his father, who owns the business and the property, who confronted the driver.

"[We] didn't get an apology, didn't get a 'sorry mate, I'll clean it up', just smirked, get back in his seat pretty comfortable with himself, turn his indicator on and drive off."

"[He] just smirked, sat back in his passenger seat and drove off, and there's a puddle of urine on the footpath.

"The amount of Onehunga school students that walk past there every single day - it's pretty shocking," he says.

The nearby Onehunga Bus Depot does have bathrooms, and Mr Glover questioned why the driver couldn't hold on for a bit longer.

"It's a bit shocking the guy chose not to use them."

He called the bus driver "bold" for his decision, saying the intersecting Selwyn St is a busy commercial area.