Patrick Gower explains origin of 'f**king news' meme

WARNING: Video contains explicit language which may offend some people.

Newshub political editor Patrick Gower has explained the origin of his infamous "this is the f***ing news" moment while moderating an election debate at The University of Auckland.

"It was three years ago that I came up here to help out the Auckland Law School revue with their annual performance," he said.

"These soon-to-be lawyers had some pretty good technology, flash cameras and stuff, and we headed off somewhere called 'The Library'.

"I was acting out the live presentation as part of it when a guy stood up and said "This is a library!" I said back to him 'This is the f***ing news'."

The students erupted in applause before Mr Gower went on to explain how the saying became a meme.

"Anyway these clever lawyers whizzed it up, they put some 3 News graphics on it, and they made it look all flash and fancy. They put it on the internet, and a guy called Dan News put it in some bloopers that quite a few people watched.

"Someone took it out of the bloopers and put it with something that I'd never heard of before - 'Thug Life'. The rest is history."