Petition launched for 'fair price' on water

  • 23/03/2017
Water bottle (Getty)
The Govt is investigating whether a price can go on water (Getty)

The Greens have launched a petition asking the Government to put "a fair price" on bottled water.

Exports of bottled water, which companies don't have to pay for, has become a hot political issue since a petition reached Parliament a fortnight ago asking for a moratorium.

Opposition parties want a royalty put on it and Prime Minister Bill English has asked officials to look at options, but he won't get a report until after the election.

Environment Minister Nick Smith has said the amount of water exported is tiny compared with New Zealand's resources.

"New Zealand's freshwater rules are unfair," said the Greens' Catherine Delahunty when she launched the petition.

"They allow a few people to get rich off a collective, finite resource that is increasingly under stress from overuse."

The petition can be found on the Greens' website.

NZN / Newshub.