Riverhead attack: New sighting of silver car

Riverhead quarry attack CCTV car
(NZ Police / supplied)

More CCTV footage has provided new leads for police investigating the attack on a woman who woke up in an Auckland quarry with a man standing over her with a bat.

A silver-grey car, similar to a 2008 Ford Mondeo, was seen speeding out of the Riverhead quarry early on February 26.

Police have now obtained and released a CCTV image of a similar car seen at 1:18am that morning, turning right from Bond St to New North Rd in Kingsland.

Other CCTV footage shows the woman walking past McDonalds on Great North Rd, towards Bond St, just three minutes earlier.

Detective Senior Sergeant Kim Libby says it's "quite possible" it's the same car which took the victim to Riverhead.

"We are asking any businesses or private residents with CCTV systems in the central Auckland area, who have not already been contacted by police, to please get in touch," he says.

CCTV footage has been a crucial part of the investigation to date and Snr Sgt Libby says a focus of the inquiry is now trying to identify the silver car.

"We believe we have a vehicle in the area in Ponsonby and we definitely know that that vehicle drove into the quarry at Riverhead," he says.

An investigation is continuing into a glove which was found at the quarry after the attack and police urge anyone who knows someone who uses the gloves to contact them.

Riverhead quarry attack glove
(NZ Police / supplied)

"No piece of information is too small," Snr Sgt Libby says.

The woman woke to the brutal attack in Riverhead at 2:12am, badly injured and finding a man standing over her with a bat with some of her clothes gone.

Snr Sgt Libby called it a "very disturbing, nasty attack" and the victim has been left incredibly traumatised.

"Someone out there knows who did this," he says.

"Assistance from the public is always huge in any investigation and often the breakthrough we need will come from a member of the public."

More than 30 staff are now working on the case.