Service station's 'BOOBIES' sign a 'coincidence' - Z Energy

Z Energy boobies 8008135 petrol pricing sign
A tweet of the sign garnered 267 likes and 50 retweets (Twitter / @meladoodle)

Z Energy has labelled the public display of a smutty calculator joke on a petrol pricing sign at one of its northwest Auckland service stations "an unfortunate coincidence".

The creation of the phrase 'boobies' or 'boobless' on the calculator - using the numbers '8008135' or '80081355' respectively - has been done for decades, to the amusement of many a school student.

But the joke's never been quite as widespread as it became on Thursday, when it was displayed on the petrol pricing sign of a Z service station in the rural Auckland suburb of Kumeu.

Auckland comedian Melanie Bracewell took a snap of the sign and shared it on her Twitter account, garnering 267 likes and 50 retweets.

But rather than being the work of an immature Z staff member as one might imagine, a spokeswoman for the company told Newshub that it was actually "just an unfortunate coincidence".

"The site isn't open yet [and] it's a brand new price board," she said. "That figure appearing is simply what the board has defaulted to, 800.8."

It's unclear why the sign with the diesel pricing on it did not also revert to a default number.

The statistical probability of those eight numbers showing up in that order at random are 100 million to 1.