Shorts or skirts? Dunedin intermediate ditches gender dress code

For most schools with uniforms it's shirts and ties for boys, skirts or dresses for girls.

But that's changing, with one New Zealand school leading the charge.

At Dunedin North Intermediate all students, regardless of their gender, can choose between trousers, a skirt, culottes, shorts or a kilt.

Ella Clarke, a pupil at the school, told Newshub she thinks it's a great idea.

"If you don't feel comfortable wearing a kilt or a skirt, you shouldn't have to," she said.

Principal Heidi Hayward said the initiative was introduced last year after female students challenged the status quo.

"If I was asked to come to work every day in a skirt simply because of my gender, I would raise an eyebrow over that, and our girls are saying the same thing," she said.

She said the kids have accepted the move, but parents have been a bit more curious.

So far no males have chosen to wear the kilt, but many of the boys are open to the idea - even just for the sake of Dunedin's Scottish ancestors.