Stranded cow makes home on deserted island

A search is underway for the owners of a lonely cow left stranded on an uninhabited island in the Hauraki Gulf.

She appeared there last week after flooding in the area, and it's thought she may have swum there. 

'Friday', Karamuramu Island's newest resident, is now all alone with the island to herself. 

Quarry worker James Aston said "everyone is pretty shocked and surprised" the cow made it so far. 

"If it came from the Wairoa River, it swum against the flow of wind and tide." 

The island is 1.5 kilometres off Auckland's Kawakawa bay. 

She showed up last Friday and was named after the day by quarry workers who travel to the island each day and have taken a liking to her. They've been bringing the cow hay and fresh water. 

Friday has made her home on the side of the island sheltered from the wind.  During the day she wanders around occasionally drinking from her trough, and at night she camps out between the ferns.

The workers are searching for Friday's owners and plan to get her back to the mainland when they track them down.