Surf's up for Kaikoura kids

The earthquake that lifted the Kaikoura seabed by two metres has created a brand new surf spot along the township's esplanade, at Gooch's Beach.

It's proving a bonus for local school children who lost their pool and skatepark in the quake.

Before the earthquake, a large swell would hit the beach once or twice a year. Now with the seabed higher and shallower after the quake, it's quickly become the perfect place to learn.

Reuben Lyons, 13, said "It's like changed a lot with the whole wave situation, they would normally break on the beach but now we've got pumping waves throughout the whole thing."

Cezanne Lyons started a surf club for children called 'Surf Groms' and has been inundated with new members.

"They'd be here every day if they could, surfing 'till dark."

There are 70 kids on board, having weekly sessions learning to surf.

The club has just been awarded a $30,000 lotteries grant for some vital equipment to learn with.