Tasman tempest: Auckland boy showers in heavy rain

A young Auckland boy is coping with the deluge drowning the city and its accompanying water restrictions in true Kiwi fashion

All Aucklanders have been asked to cut their water use by 20 litres, which is the equivalent to shaving a few minutes off your shower time, due to a major treatment plant struggling to cope with the muddy water.

Eight-year-old Xzavier Ragg has taken that to the next level, cutting out the shower altogether.

His older brother, Sebastian, says it was originally their mother's idea on Saturday.

"Today he decided it would be a good idea," he says.

"Now he can shower as long as he wants - no under 10 minutes time limit here!"

While it was a bit chilly and not as ideal as a regular shower, Xzavier says it was "fresh" and he'd probably do it again sometime.

Sebastian says it was showering in "true 100 percent pure Kiwi fashion".

"It was pretty exciting; however, not great knowing the devastation [the weather]'s all causing," he says.

A low has wreaked havoc across the North Island, causing severe flooding and power outages.

A northern fire service spokesperson said it was averaging an emergency call every 24 seconds on Sunday afternoon.

Cars have been submerged in Auckland as 40mm of rainfall was recorded in an hour, but the worst is believed to have passed as the storm heads south, according to Weather Watch.

Possible thundery downpours for the Taranaki and Coromandel regions are expected later in the afternoon, while in Wellington, several traffic lights are out.