Teen girl assaulted outside Napier high school


Police have met with school principals across the Tamatea area after a student was assaulted on her way to school  at around 8:30am on Monday.

The student received minor facial injuries, and Detective Mike Signal has described the attack to Newshub.

"A male has biked past her on a bike and turned around and grabbed her from behind, he's grabbed her hair with a reasonable amount of force causing scratch marks to her forehead", Mr Signal said.

"The victim has lashed out kicking the offender's bike and knocking the bike over and him with it, and she's fled to school and notified the staff at the school that the incident has occurred.

"The offender can be described as a male European aged 40 - 50, skinny build around 6 ft tall or 181cm, blonde/sandy brown hair, had distinctive wide open eyes with lots of wrinkles around them.

"He smelt of alcohol and had a croaky voice, he was wearing a green possibly v neck jersey and was riding a mountain bike with no helmet".

Police are looking at increasing patrols in the area, and are hoping to find CCTV footage as they continue to search for the offender.

Mr Signal advises locals to be vigilant and report anything that appears out of place, and ring police immediately if they see a person who fits their description.