Kanoa Lloyd, Patrick Gower declare war on Baby Boomers

Three's The Project took on the Baby Boomers on Wednesday night in a fight for a sustainable future for all New Zealanders.

The subject was the lack of a capital gains tax, and The Project host Kanoa Lloyd was scathing about the lack of intergenerational fairness.

She called for younger voters to turn out and turf out the older generation.

"If you're watching and thinking this isn't good and fair, I don't understand why we don't have a proper capital gains tax - you need to go and vote!" she said.

"If you vote then the baby boomers - they're out! They're out of here!"

Newshub political editor Paddy Gower also weighed in, and blamed the current housing crisis - and the future superannuation crisis - on the weak and indifferent Government.

"The fact of the matter is this Government is totally gutless when dealing with Baby Boomers, leaving it all on everybody else to deal with the retirement age issue, eveyone's shut out of the housing market while they gorge themselves on these high prices," he said.

"People have got to stand up against the Boomers. And it's got to start happening soon."