Truck driver's scary footage of idiot drivers

Christchurch-based trucker Jess Johns captures and shares dashcam footage on YouTube of near-miss accidents from the comfort of her 58-tonne vehicle. 

For viewers the close calls are shocking, but for Ms Johns and many other truck drivers, it's something they dread. 

"You always think, "Am I going to kill someone through no fault of my own?' " Ms Johns told Newshub. 

"I don't want to live with that, I'm just doing my job."

Her comments come after a crash on an Auckland motorway on Saturday afternoon was captured by a following vehicle's dashcam.

Ms Johns bought the dashcam so she could show her husband the views she got to see in her line of work. It's also for insurance, in case she's involved in a crash that isn't her fault.

She wants people to see how dangerous the roads can be, capturing footage of cars crossing yellow lines and nearly finding themselves in head-on collisions.

Impatient drivers willing to take on a truck will come off second-best, Ms Johns says. 

Luckily she's never witnessed a crash, but she's had frights. Some drivers take their chances and pass her 23-metre truck across double yellow lines, or after a passing lane. 

Her first reaction is to blast her horn, but other thoughts quickly weigh in. 

"I usually think a lot of swear words, but then I think, 'Do these people want to get home for their families?' We have families we want to get home to as well," she told Newshub. 

She's tried to report some of the videos to police, but it hasn't been without hassle. 

"To file a report against these sorts of things, police want you to go into a station to do it. A lot of the time, my only day off is Sunday. It's not like I can just pop out of the office at lunch and do it - my office moves." 

The trucker says if anything, she hopes her footage helps people see the roads from her perspective - so next time, they think before they make a move.