UberEATS launches in Auckland

COMMENT: Auckland has some incredible spots to eat - it's a foodie's dream. And if you're an active-wear wearing Millennial wanting to snap a photo of your brunch with the morning light filtering through the café window after morning yoga, then yes, you need to leave your house to achieve that. Do it for the likes. 

But if you're hungover and can't leave the comfort of your bed, it's raining outside and Married at First Sight is on the telly or you have a weird phobia of eating around people, a new app launching this week is just the one for you. 

UberEATS, the new and even lazier offering from ride service Uber, launches on Thursday. If you thought that time you Ubered 500 metres because you didn't want to walk in your heels was lazy (me), now you can be even lazier, and have some of Auckland's best food delivered to your door. 

Food from some of Auckland's most popular joints can be delivered through the app - from casual favourites such as Tucks and Bao and Al's Deli to fine dining from Molten. If you're feeling healthy, you could even order a salad from Little Bird Unbakery (if that's what you're into). 

If you're sick of asking your partner/flatmate/cat what they feel like eating and having them say "I don't mind", and then kicking up a fuss at every available option, now you have more than 70 of Auckland's best restaurants at your fingers. 

Just a few taps and it's at your door - provided you're in the Auckland CBD or surrounding suburbs.

The app operates from 8am to 10pm, seven days a week, and is available for both Apple and Android devices. 

UberEATS uses local drivers and riders of cars, scooters and bikes to deliver customers their meals for $5.99, according its website.

Simon Rossi general manager of UberEATS Australia and New Zealand says they're "super excited" to be bringing locals their favourite food "whenever and wherever they want". 

"Auckland's food scene is thriving - from night-time street food or artisan cafes and bistros to award-winning restaurants, locals are spoilt for choice when eating out. And now they are spoilt for choice when dining in." 

So if your favourite dining spot is looking a little emptier this weekend, then you know where most of the clientele is - eating their brunch in bed.