Upper Hutt makes a pitch to Donald Trump

Donald Trump may be making America great again, but a group from Upper Hutt have challenged him to make it as great as their hometown. 

The latest in a trend of videos mimicking Mr Trump's attitude towards the United States, a video was shared by the 'My Upper Hutt' Facebook page "from the people of Upper Hutt" to America's 45th President. 

It started in the Netherlands, when satirical news show Zondag met Lubach introduced the country to Mr Trump, before many other countries followed.

Three's own Jono and Ben also jumped on the bandwagon, producing their own version about New Zealand. 

Now Upper Hutt is getting its turn to show off the "great city". 

It's "better than Auckland"  according to the video.

Mimicking Mr Trump's unique way of speaking, the video shows off the locals taste in clothes, their Mayor Wayne Guppy, and their CBD Tower - better and "more 'uge" than Mr Trump's. 

It also brags about having the best name of any shopping mall - 'The Mall'. 

The clip invites Mr Trump's young son Barron to come play at local skate park Maidstone Max, as "he'd love it". 

"He'd fit right in with all the cool hombres on their scooters."

The page has invited other towns to produce their own videos, commenting: "We'd love to see what the rest of the region and the country have to offer!"