Urinating bus driver 'identified and spoken to'

Bus pulled over on road
The bus driver has been identified and spoken to, according to Auckland Transport (File)


An Auckland bus driver photographed urinating out the back of a bus has been identified and spoken to by their employer.

The bus driver was caught urinating out the back of his bus whilst it was parked close to the bus depot in Onehunga. 

Mark Hannan from Auckland Transport said the driver was confronted about his behaviour, and "it was a matter between him and the bus company". 

The behaviour was "totally unacceptable" in the eyes of Auckland transport.

The actions of the driver were photographed by a South Auckland business manager, who expressed outrage that the driver had urinated on the side of his building for the second time in two weeks.

Bryce Glover, the manager of Allied Glass on Pearce St, Onehunga, described the driver as "a rather large Kiwi man", and said he was shocked by the driver's attitude when confronted about his actions.

"[We] didn't get an apology, didn't get a 'sorry mate, I'll clean it up', just smirked, get back in his seat pretty comfortable with himself, turn his indicator on and drive off."

Auckland Transport refused to comment further on the incident.



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