Video emerges of teenage girls fighting at Polyfest

More footage has been released of fighting at Polyfest, this time involving a group of young women brawling at the event.

The footage, which was posted on Facebook page 'The Use Hub' on Sunday shows two girls dragging others by the hair and beating them while they're on the ground.

The fight appears to have taken place behind a tent inside the event itself. The video has been  viewed more than 30,000 times.

It follows a shocking video of a street fight on Te Irirangi Road near the event which was posted online yesterday afternoon.

In the video, a group of males can be seen fighting, with two of them forced to the ground before being kicked repeatedly.

Polyfest director Theresa Howard spoke to Newshub yesterday in the wake of the footage being released.

She said on the whole most students "took responsibility for their own behaviour" and "were fantastic", and it was "small incidents like this" which ruined things for the rest of the festival-goers.

Ms Howard said they will be working alongside police to pin down the individuals involved in the fighting.

"It's disgusting behaviour that we do take seriously, and we will be conducting our own internal investigation" she told Newshub.

Police said in a statement they were overall "very impressed with the behaviour" of attendees.

"It is incredibly disappointing to see the videos being posted online which reflects the behaviour of just a small number of the 90,000 people who attended," said Inspector Tracy Phillips.

"We are making following up enquiries to the incidents posted online."

Only two arrests were made during the event.

Anyone with information should contact Senior Sergeant Kylie Newton on 09 261 1300.