Video shows devastation where woman died in Kaikoura quake

New footage has emerged of the devastating damage inside the home where a woman died soon after the November Kaikoura quake. 

Home owner Gary Morton filmed the video and has now posted it on YouTube. His beloved partner Jo-Anne Mackinnon died as she fled their house soon after the 7.8 quake struck in November last year.

The video shows Mr Morton returning to the property to survey the widespread damage the quake caused to their cabin in Mt Lyford - including overturned furniture, cracks in the wall and a deck that has collapsed. 

Hundreds of people turned out for Ms Mackinnon's farewell in Christchurch just a week after the quake.

Aged in her 50s, she was described as a popular member of the community who was "loved by all".

The couple had been planning a trip to the Caribbean after returning from a recent trip to the United States.


Mr Morton confirmed to Newshub on Monday that he had posted the vide to YouTube but declined to comment further. He said he was disappointed with reports about his partner's death at the time, but declined to elaborate.

At the time, Police confirmed the death of Ms Mackinnon and was widely reported as a cardiac arrest however no official cause was give after the quake. 

He posted the video on YouTube on Sunday with the title "7.8 Earthquake in New Zealand , claimed the life of my partner."

One other person, Louis Edgar, 74, died when the Elms Homestead collapsed during the November quake.