White supremacist posters on display at Auckland University

Racist posters from Western Guard at Auckland University
Two of the posters that appeared at Auckland University on Monday (Samatha Haid/supplied)

Just weeks after a so-called 'European Club' caused outrage, Auckland University has again found itself the unwanted host of racist propaganda.

Posters calling for the prevention of "white genocide" went up overnight along Symonds St, which passes through the university, and "all over campus".

They bear the name of a white supremacist group Western Guard, and the phrases "white lives matter", "let's take our country back" and "Hey white man! Only you can prevent white genocide."

"There are a few angry people who have put these posters up," Auckland University Students' Association (AUSA) president Will Matthews told Newshub.

"AUSA have looked into it and we're pretty sure at this point this is just a few people and there's no organised movement on campus yet behind these."

The Facebook post, which has since been deleted (Samantha Haid/Facebook)
The Facebook post, which has since been deleted (Samantha Haid/Facebook)

A Facebook account in the name of Samantha Haid, which states she is an economics student at the university, says she ripped down as many as she could when she found them on Monday morning.

Newshub has since learned the account is fake and likely created by a member of the group to stir the pot.

Mr Matthews said AUSA "has an idea" who might be behind the posters, but commended staff and students who've taken the time to remove them.

"It's not the first time offensive posters have gone up an Auckland University and it won't be the last. The community self-polices, and it's good to see that students are alert to material like this being distributed on campus."

Western Guard has denied being a racist group, and said it has no plans to use violence to end the so-called "white genocide".

"It isn't racist for white people to stand up for their own values," the administrator of the group's Facebook page told Newshub. They didn't give their name, but the group's website was registered in December, linked to an address in Warkworth.

"Western Guard has not committed or endorsed and has no intention to commit or endorse violence in any form. Since simply putting up posters that claim 'White Lives Matter' is perceived as violent, any perception of a threat is illegitimate."

It's been only two-and-a-half weeks since the university's European Club opted to disband after it was accused of being a front for racists and alt-right trolls.

The group denied the accusations, saying it was "open to people of all beliefs and nationalities". Its use of imagery and phrases popular with neo-Nazi groups suggested otherwise.

As of Monday morning, the Western Vanguard NZ Facebook page had only a single like.

The University of Auckland said in a statement it has recieved complaints about the posters, and is investigating.

"The University values and upholds the rights of freedom of expression and of academic freedom, however these rights are accompanied by responsibilities, including respect for the health, safety and wellbeing of our diverse students and staff, and  compliance with the law and with university requirements."