Woman in viral 'zombie' drug video agrees to sober up

Warning: Some people may find this footage disturbing.

An Auckland woman has promised to sober up and seek help after seeing a video of herself, and a male, in a zombie-like trance after allegedly taking synthetic drugs. 

The woman's brother filmed the clip, and in a Facebook comment says his sister promised to change after seeing the footage, which has been viewed more than 1 million times on social media. 

The man behind the camera, known only as Tuakeu, says he posted it to Facebook to show others the effects of substance use. 

"I'm f**king sick of seeing our youth do this shit, and tired of our youth doing nothing better," he says. 

Tuakeu says he wasn't sure what they took but believed it could be bath salts or "spice" - a synthetic cannabis. 

The footage, taken in a garage, shows the two with their heads back, struggling to speak, and what appears to be vomit coming out of the woman's mouth. 

Tuakeu's decision to go public with the video has received a lot of supportive and shocked comments, many thanking him for saving his sister's life.