Air New Zealand slips up with cheap Hawaii fare


Two days after April Fools' Day, Air New Zealand has been left jet-lagged by a blunder that offered return airfares to Hawaii for $499.

A few hours after the fares appeared on its Grabaseat website, an email was sent out to those signed up to the mailing list, explaining that the offer was a "genuine mistake."

"You may or may not have spotted a $499 return fare to Honolulu this morning in our daily alerts email and thought it was so cheap it must be a late April Fool's joke," the email read.

"I guess we look the fool this time because it was a genuine mistake on our part."

The mistake was fixed on Monday morning with normal ticket prices corrected to $499 one-way fares, not return.

Air New Zealand has been approached for comment about whether it will honour any tickets sold at the cheaper price.