Anzac Day 2017: Recognising servicemen and women through the decades

Since its inception, the New Zealand Defence Force has been involved in conflicts across the globe.

From the Boer War to Afghanistan, our military history spans more than 170 years.

In this time the force has evolved from a small volunteer militia to a technological machine deployed all over the globe.

Likewise, the soldiers that serve within it have changed too.

Murray Watene, Norm Newton and Jo Stewart are all proud members of the Defence Force.

They joined Newshub at the Pt Chevalier RSA to discuss their experiences of the military from 1961 to 2017.

Mr Watene served in the Vietnam War, Mr Newton was stationed in the jungles of Southeast Asia and Ms Stewart is the Navy's current Sailor of the Year.

Each has their own unique experiences of conflict, but regardless of era or service, the camaraderie between those who have served is a constant.