Auckland couple mystified by 'UFOs' hanging around house

An Auckland couple says unidentified flying objects are hanging around their property - and they have video they say proves it.

Lance and Patricia Rasmussen claim to have seen the mysterious, shapeshifting coloured orbs around their Manukau Heads home most nights for about a year.

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They say they're at a loss to explain what it is, but don't believe they are drones or planes because they appear metres from their house.


The couple, in their 50s, has also contacted the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to ask what they thought it might be.

A CAA spokesman confirmed the conversation took place, but was not officially recorded.

"If someone wants to 'make it official' then we ask them to email us with details - in the case of UFOs we would usually tell them that if there was something untoward then we'd expect Airways or pilots to have something to say.

"In the absence of any such reports we won't be investigating it - although we are happy to record it," the spokesman says.

The representative who spoke to the couple suggested it could be drones or an approaching aircraft, but "the caller was adamant those could not be the cause".

Ms Rasmussen has taken hundreds of photos of the objects which stay around their isolated Awhitu property, where they've lived for 12 years, "all night long".

She says they normally hover just metres above their roof and make no noise.

Auckland couple mystified by 'UFOs' hanging around house

The photos sent to Newshub show indistinct lights against a pitch black background, but one of the house's six security cameras did capture movement on Thursday night.

Mr Rasmussen described the objects as spheres "three times the size of a CD, like a big record-type thing" and said some would be less than four metres away from him when they hovered in the garden.

"They fly and they change shape and they can stay up for more than two or three hours and can change shape and colours right in front of your eyes.

"I don't know if they mean any harm or anything like that, but it's pretty out there, y'know?"

The first time they saw the objects, the couple were both afraid.

He says that first sighting coincided with Ms Rasmussen ending up in hospital after developing a severe skin condition on her foot.

Auckland couple mystified by 'UFOs' hanging around house

Mr Rasmussen says the couple just want an explanation of what they've been seeing from someone.

"We really would like to know what's going on ourselves.

"If they are people from somewhere else, best they go and pick on someone else," he laughed.